Congratulations to the players solving Énigmapédia since its full release over the last two years 🎉
[HoF released on 1635652800 - HoF closed on 1698724800]

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  1. minson 🇨🇳 (QA Tester - Thank You)
  2. 「 It's my honor to serve as a tester. There are many ingenious ideas among the levels, and there are always enough clues to proceed. In particular, zitman incorporated some fun topics from computer programming languages. And the final part Epilogue has one of the most elegant structures I have ever witnessed. Last but not least, zitman keeps improving the levels based on feedback from players. As a result, the current version is very friendly to players. 」

  3. infiniteXforever 🇭🇰 [Timestamp=1635861540]
  4. 「 Énigmapédia is just PERFECT for online riddle players with some experience! There are full of clever and unique ideas that I have never imagined. The levels overall are quite challenging but fair, with some smooth introduction to computer science topics. And as both a riddle player and a creator, I am truly impressed by the level design and aesthetics in the Epilogue. Really thanks the creator for this wonderful journey and the help on the way. Zitman, you did it! 」

  5. umsyt 🇺🇸 [Timestamp=1635893040]
  6. 「 I have to be honest, the first levels were rough. But what I saw after was one of the most intriguing riddles I've experienced yet. And the Epilogue is just chefs kiss, not to mention certain other levels that are just sublime. Thank you. 」

  7. MishuAnubis 🇷🇴 [Timestamp=1635893580]
  8. 「 I like the way you make each level and all!! A long but very pleasant journey. Thanks zitman for the finale!! 」

  9. shaharc 🇮🇱, caroline 🇮🇳 [Timestamp=1636290960]
  10. 「 Thank you for a wonderful riddle. It really took a lot from us to get to the top, but what a view 🙂 We really enjoyed many of the original levels, and learnt quite a few things along the way.」
    「 Thanks again for all the effort of creating the riddle, and we hope to see more from you in the future. 」

  11. Daviscartes 🇨🇳, yishangtanhuan 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1636301040]
  12. 「 Enigmapedia is a very interesting journey for me. I spent totally two weeks to complete all main levels and could hardly wait for the epilogue level (the three hidden levels are also fascinating though). The design of epilogue is really amazing. It surprised me a lot when I gradually figured out the structure, and I couldn’t help but squeeze my spare time at night to complete the whole level. Also, I have to express my gratitude to Zitman for his patience and professionalism. He was very kind to my stupid questions and could always provide the most appropriate hints. The journey became challenging to a tee with his help. 」
    「 I really enjoyed the pleasure solving these riddles and learned a lot from them, especially when I can use programming techniques for help(Python is powerful). Also, the subtle structure of the Epilogue impressed me a lot, which combines the levels in a fantastic way. Thank you for providing such wonderful riddles. 」

  13. Namnet 🇸🇪 [Timestamp=1636890000]
  14. 「 Thank you for a brilliant, fun and challenging riddle! 」

  15. sable 🇬🇧 [Timestamp=1636989600]
  16. 「 That was super hard, and also super fun. Thanks so much Zitman for this great riddle. Thanks to those who helped me along the way 🙂 」

  17. seeker 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1636995480]
  18. 「 First, I would like to thank zitman for providing hints to me whenever I was stuck. I also would like to thank my friend for discussing riddles with me and helping me a lot. Enigmapedia is a rough but fun journey. The epilogue is especially well-designed. Solving it really makes me have a sense of accomplishment😄 Again, thank zitman for designing such wonderful riddles! Looking forward to new works! 」

  19. COL 🇦🇶, Fivero 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1636998540]
  20. 「 Thank you for the wonderful riddle. Some levels in Enigmapedia are very experimental in concept, integrating completely new subjects and methods, providing an unique playing experience. The symmetry and elegance of Epilogue is simply amazing. 」

  21. Selenium 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1637572680]
  22. 「 Thank you for the difficult and fun riddle, learned a lot from it 」

  23. trinih 🇪🇸 [Timestamp=1638134820]
  24. 「 I think it's one of the best riddles I ever played. Very interesting and I have learned a lot ot things. Thank you very much!! You have done A LOT of good job!! 」

  25. Catz 🇮🇱 [Timestamp=1638526438]
  26. 「 This was one of the harder puzzles I've gone through recently, and I loved every moment of it! There were many, many original ideas, with very satisfying solutions. Thank you to those who've helped me reach the end! And a massive thank to Zitman for making such a wonderful riddle! 」

  27. alpha█ 🇧🇷 [Timestamp=1638808800]
  28. 「 Fun and challenging riddle. I enjoyed solving the riddle <!--and its secret levels-->, and the Epilogue was really well made. 」

  29. wenyu 🇺🇸 [Timestamp=1639501588]
  30. 「 I just want to mark the fact that, I solved the final puzzle in the middle of mitigating the log4j (CVE-2021-44228) issue. 」

  31. ok123 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1650821520]
  32. 「 Thank zitman for the effort in presenting this ingenious riddle, It was the first riddle I had completed, very challenging and novel, and I have to say this was a memorable journey. 」

  33. Kad 🇺🇸 [Timestamp=1653359040]
  34. 「 amazing riddle!! very innovative level ideas, and seeing the final level come together was very satisfying. difficult but also very fun for players who want to learn more about their own world. thank you zitman for offering hints when i needed them! ascii85[FD,*#CO'i@H>.J<@;^@/F`M&8BOtXaF*%]

  35. GhostsTheElder 🇺🇸 [Timestamp=1653715980]
  36. akicer 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1654225440]
  37. 「 it was a great learning experience and a satisfying journey. This is for sure a very "modern" cipher as it incorporated so many novel ideas into the levels, and python plays such an important role. I had a sense of accomplishement but also felt a little bit lost after finishing the epilogue. I'd like to thank all those who hinted me during the journey, and of course thank Zitman for the crazy cipher. I'm truly looking forward to more challenging levels in the future. 」

  38. aaaasa 🇭🇰[Timestamp=1654353960]
  39. LollipopWut 🇵🇭 [Timestamp=1654417680]
  40. 「 This was one of the hardest riddles I've ever had to tackle, and it's definitely worth not only a shot, but an amazing experience! Thank you so much for making this masterpiece of a puzzle! 」

  41. sevenfar 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1655577240]
  42. 「 Great and interesting riddle!! I enjoy the journey!! 」

  43. Mtn.Laurel 🇺🇸, tialuisa [Timestamp=1657243200]
  44. 「 Thanks, for very challenging riddle, zitman. A little (lot) over my head in technical computer program/language areas. Thanks to a lot of help along the way from you and countless others (Sable, umsyt, akicier, tialuisa, preslavka, to name a few) I reached the end of what I believed was going to be a never-ending Epilogue. 」

  45. blazingsnow 🇺🇸, TimothyChats, tintingiabao 🇻🇳, 94871487, markus [Timestamp=1661902140]
  46. 「 great enigma. 」
    「 it was quite a fun journey. 」

  47. birtrosz 🇵🇱 [Timestamp=1663121880]
  48. 「 That was such a great puzzle, I learned a lot of different things. The Epilogue has a really elegant structure. Thanks for creating Enigmapedia! 😁 」

  49. glacs., Eggdog [Timestamp=1667388480]
  50. Kukkelis 🇫🇮 [Timestamp=1667615220]
  51. 「 Kino 」

  52. Lenz 🇩🇪, Maka 🇷🇸 [Timestamp=1667791320]
  53. 「 Puzzle was really... captivating! Amazing job zitman <3 」
    「 the best puzl great job 👏 」

  54. Matteoka 🇭🇺, chriz 🇺🇸, spi 🇵🇭 [Timestamp=1669209600]
  55. 「 I loved this riddle so much, one of the great riddles out there, and also I think the word "genius" should be spelled "genious". 」
    「 Started this not expecting to get anywhere but in the end we finished. Amazing job on this riddle zitman and especially Epilogue, I'm glad I got to learn a bunch of new stuff from this 🙂 」
    「 Fun riddle. Enjoyed 」

  56. detaggable [Timestamp=1671935340]
  57. harl124 [Timestamp=1674258540]
  58. v2v [Timestamp=1678666740]
  59. Forgor 🇮🇩, Supers 🇬🇷, Zinkosstan 🇭🇰, J 🇵🇭 [Timestamp=1680302520]
  60. 「 level 2 nerf when (forgor) 」
    print("Thanks Zitman this was fun!") (supers) 」
    「 idk man... (zinkosstan) 」
    「 j (J) 」

  61. Shiro 🇩🇪 [Timestamp=1692490620]
  62. 「 Probably the best Epilogue I have seen in a web riddle. Very solid web riddle overall, had lots of fun!! Finally, I can say that I have not solved only one (1) but TWO (2) web riddles in my entire life :3 」

  63. WANGGX 🇨🇳, gogy_pig 🇮🇷 [Timestamp=1696186980]
  64. 「 I have to say, I'm deeply impressed by Zitman's genius! Énigmapédia is a well-structured, puzzle-rich and challenging masterpiece. Of course, I also learned a lot of new knowledge through this brilliant puzzle. In addition, I must say: the Chinese elements in Énigmapédia are very surprising! Finally, special thanks to young Gogy for choosing me as partner to co-work along the journey, and also thanks to the other puzzle solvers whoever helped us during these 16 days. Looking forward to continuing experiencing Zitman’s whimsy in other metapuzzles. 最后用中文说:这是适合中国宝宝体质的 Web Puzzle,中文世界的解谜爱好者一定要来尝试;全程写了详细的通关文档,欢迎交流~ 」

  65. James V 🇬🇧, Tailleferre 🇩🇪 [Timestamp=1697102880]
  66. 「 Thank you for a great puzzle. It was often very challenging, but always fair. 」

  67. WoodFish 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1697435700]
  68. 「 好!」

  69. zstormere 🇺🇲, realepiepie 🇦🇪, bigbluepikachu [Timestamp=1697766060]
  70. 「 Amazing riddle game made by zitman in terms of design and difficulty! Props to those people who have helped us in levels we struggled and big thanks to my team for contributing to the journey that we've suffered in!」
    「 I don't know how 1 man created this masterpiece 😍 」

  71. A4 🇸🇬 [Timestamp=1698053880]
  72. 「 -/- 」

  73. .? 🇸🇬 [Timestamp=1698333568]
  74. 「 thanks zitman for this very interesting and enjoyable puzzle! :D

  75. DissolvedHelium 🇺🇸 [Timestamp=1698386460]
  76. 「 hooo man, this was quite the ride to go through! so much interesting topics including one of the most insanity-inducing epilogues. i appreciate everybody that has helped me via hints and especially zitman for the pure evil genius behind these puzzles, this was incredible!! glad to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before it closes 😁 」

  77. noodlesandwich 🇺🇸 [Timestamp=1698517440]
  78. 「 An insanely challenging but incredibly fun riddle - thank you for all the effort you put into this! 」

  79. Shen Qiang 🇨🇳 [Timestamp=1698631560]
  80. 「 Thank you for the great puzzle, I learned a lot from those. Looking forward to the extra levels. 」

  81. Löz 🇬🇧 [Timestamp=1698689700]
  82. 「 A well made riddle, although Epilogue being bigger than all the previous levels combined was a bit of a shock! I could not have got through this without Tailleferre, A4 and finally Lenz pushing me through. I need a beer. 」