⬥ Thank Emoon#1984 a great deal for the integrations with Riddler, setting up the Discord guild, as well as improving the website front end.
⬥ Thank minson#9299 so much for the initial testing of this game! He provided lots of great feedbacks including level 6, 11, 20, 31, 45, etc. His suggestions make the levels more accessible!
⬥ Thank MishuAnubis#4727's cool ideas for adding interesting eggs and cheevos.
⬥ Thank infiniteXforever#3735's help for fixing several typos/bugs.
⬥ This game was inspired by so many other games of the same genre, including but not limited to, Cipher Crack the Code, The String Harmony, Alternate Visions, Combinats, RNS, Zed, Croc, Genius, The Python Challenge, and you name it! Thank all the creators for the great ideas!
⬥ Last but not least, thank you - the puzzle explorer - for playing this game 🥳